Are employee surveys a good way to create engagement?

 Hearing employee survey concerns and taking the proper action is one of the number one ways of increasing employee engagement.

Employee engagement  by surveysMost successful companies place their employees on the top of the list high priority resources. As a result, they are concerned with keeping their employees engaged and active in all of the company’s goals and objectives. However, to keep their ears at the heart of their employees’ concerns and issues, some companies are using employee surveys as a method to create employee engagement.

Creating Engagement by Asking the Right Questions
while some companies are well-versed in getting the data that’s needed to take action, others may need additional guidance to ensure the right information is collected from their surveys. Therefore, these companies must design their surveys so that they collect precise data on key topics instead of abstract or vague information. For example, if a company would like to find out what type of training is needed to facilitate better job performance, they should include a question on the survey that focuses on the best types of training courses needed (i.e. formal classroom training courses, interactive training, online courses etc.). Since there is a wide diversity of training courses available today, most employees may prefer to take the non-traditional online courses instead of formal classroom traditional training. By asking the employees the type that they prefer in a survey form, the management in the company can respond accordingly. In some cases, the responses may be split 50/50. Consequently, the management may want to add an additional training option to their curriculum so that these employees can work at their own pace.

Employee Buy-In and Major Decisions
Employee surveys are also a great way to give the employees buy-in when major changes are being made. For instance, when a company has to make major changes because of external forces, employees are often more engaged when they have had some input into making the new procedures. So, if the company includes a question about the upcoming changes in a survey, they can give the employees buy-in and obtain valuable information as well.

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2 thoughts on “Are employee surveys a good way to create engagement?

  1. I think, in general, surveys can be a good tool. Two things to consider – first, I never, ever would pose a question via survey unless I actually wanted my employees opinion. That may sound, alternately, arrogant or obvious but it’s important. If you have a change happening and need to get everyone marching in the same direction you could seriously harm that effort by asking people if they “like” the change. If they overwhelmingly do not, but you must continue anyway, you are setting yourself up to be that boss who ignores popular sentiment. If you already know what your employees think, what is the point of a survey. Second, if you do a survey you should have a session that you faciliate to discuss the feedback.

    • Thanks for the comment Bossotld, I agree with you entirely. This also depends a lot on the company size, since in a small company surveys don’t make so much sense in most cases. I think the surveys should be used for feedback on determined subjects and analysed in a way to understand hidden trend in opinion. I think they are a good way to able employees to have a voice in big companies.

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